June 16, 2013

Pool and Stuff

 If you think you've seen this baby before that's because he looks like all the others did.

 I don't know why this picture turned out so it looks like he's in a dress, it's actually a cute little shortie that someone gave him.  But just goes to show that boy or girl, our children were cut out with cookie cutters.
 He's got the cutest little navy blue eyes... I suppose they'll lighten up. We aren't so fortunate to get brown eyes around here but navy blue would have suited me just fine!
 Picture courtesy of Poppy who took about 50 pictures I had to delete... or did you want to see pictures of toes and trash bags and things like that?
 We run our eating habits out of 2 full sized stoves.  Of course they had to be greatly researched so they weren't too expensive and would work with our electrical oddities.
 You can bet if we cut our hay it will rain, but you can really bet if we take out some of our best steaks to grill there will be a torrential rainstorm.... or no propane.

 Kili turned 1 month old this past week... already!!  He weighed in at 8 pounds 9-1/2 ounces.  He's one of the babies who likes his belly totally plumped-stuffed-full or he's feeling starved.
 The first strawberry of the season.  YUMMY!
 I simply have no idea what goes on sometimes.
 Three Stooges pouring over a book.
 No... you can't eat him up... but I might.
 We are forever in need of more solar panels so this "solar panel shed" is going to double as a deck by the pool.  Another solar panel shed doubles as ... um... something else but I'm not sure since it isn't finished. We are a regular unfinished symphony around here.

 Poppy wore this before Marigold and let's just say they don't look the same it in, what with Poppy more "well-rounded"! :D

So you ask, do I worry about the littles falling in. Well... yes, of course, just like I'm sure my mom worried that we'd fall off the dock at the lake.  Drowning little ones is right up there with any other kind of freak and tragic accident.  It can happen no matter how safe you make their lives.  It might be noted that when I was about 10 months old my parents bought a house and were thrilled that there was a 6 foot chainlink fence around the back yard. Something to the effect of the first time I was put out in it, shortly thereafter they found me on the other side of the fence... and I wasn't walking yet.  Thank the Good Lord Above for Guardian Angels... and Faith. 

Just a little bit of thinking about any number of fine details. Here they are putting up holders for the pool strainer thingie.  Incidentally this is just a walmart swimming pool, nothing big and fancy. But that's our kind of speed.

Waiting... waiting... waiting....
I don't know, what are you waiting for?!
Brrr... still a little chilly!

Poppy is the only one who is going to bide her time before ever going in the water.  The kiddie pool is just fine for her.

Marigold on the other hand loves the water.

Oh... and by the way... Happy Father's Day!   This is one terrific dad!
Oh my goodness, isn't he just SOOOO cute?  I'm biased.

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  1. So nice to catch up on your blog! The baby is indeed cookie cutter sweetness and I want to eat him up!