August 10, 2013


Family of 11 boys have 12th boy!  Video clip here.
That is pretty amazing!  I will admit the woman who did the interviewing cracked me up.  It reminded me of the social worker who said to me when I had 10 children, "I can't handle my ONE child, how can YOU handle 10?"  Ouch.

It's called.... Grace.

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  1. Amen! Yes, grace! So very present in this world of ours and so very unnoticed by most. I can still hear the words of one of our priests in a homily or maybe a talk, "Do you know that Sanctifying Grace is something REAL?" And by God's grace it struck me then, just a tiny insight as to just what grace is. Oh, how I wish the rest of the world could know. Thank you, once again, for being open to God's grace in your home and family life. It shows and it shines!