August 3, 2013

Capitol Mile Run

 4 of my boys participated in the Capitol Mile Run race. This was the first time we tried one of these.  They did pretty well and all finished the entire mile 1-3/4 times around the Capitol Square.  Aside from some bad sportsmanship from the public school kids who pushed Sam and Frodo over right to the ground, they had alot of fun.  The children seem to be learning alot these days about the way many people act.
 Kili was a little less than thrilled and just enjoyed a nice long nap.
 Our big homeschooling group had a good number of participants earning our group a tie with another school for 2nd place.  This earned us $175 for various homeschooling events.
 Anticipation is a scourge!
 Our beautiful white washed sepulcher capitol building.
 On your mark, get set.....
 .... bang... GO!

 More than 1/2 way boys.... keep it up!

 The last leg....

 Catching one's breath!
Great job boys!
 You go!
 Kili enjoyed the arms of one of our homeschooling friends, they share nearly the same name so we'll call her Kilia :D
 Ok, this was just very funny.  A trolley with everyone peddling a "bike" towards the middle while the trolley moved forward. Interesting.  We could get one of those and my family could all go biking together! :D
 Pippin and his friend. Friend came in 2nd and Pippin came in 1st place for their age bracket (7 and under)
 Another 2nd place winner!  We had other winners in our homeschooling group as well. We were well represented.
Although he doesn't look like it in this picture, Pippin was ecstatic that he came in first place for his group!

Police on horseback!

 Great job boys... with of course Marigold having to get into the picture!

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