August 3, 2013

Recent Antics

 Frodo carved this 20" wooden spoon for the "mushroom man" who was giving it to his son for his brewing of fine ales.
 He also started carving little miniature animals. They are so cute!
 Most of the jump roping pictures were blurry but this one cracked me up with his hands going like crazy.
 During some house cleaning and organized Frodo unearthed a beautiful Confirmation gift that hadn't been opened.  We decided to put the beautiful statue of St. Francis of Assisi up on one of the beams.  Yes, I know, that is Frodo up on the beam. That is what happens when I turn my back.  (I was thinking "ladder", he was thinking "climbing")
 I think I have monkeys for children.
 Frodo's "bullet shell" collection.  Over 500.  Interesting...!
 We haven't taken the pony or horses out for a while.  It's one of those bittersweet activities that we really enjoy but without Pop around, it makes for bitter yet sweet memories.
 I rest my case.... a monkey.  (this is totally coincidental to my comment above... weird)

 Kili donning his first pair of dungarees.  He really should still be in just sleepers.
 Just the 2 dogs.

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