August 3, 2013

St. Philomena Shrine

My children, Saint Philomena has great power with God, and she has, moreover, a kind heart; let us pray to her with confidence.  Her virginity and generosity in embracing her heroic martyrdom have rendered her so agreeable to God that He will never refuse her anything that she asks for us."
St. John Vianney
A person once approached the Cure' and said:  "Is it true, Monsieur le Cure', that Saint Philomena obeys you?" To which the holy priest replied, "And why not, since every day God Himself obeys me at the altar?"
 Our small homeschooling group went up to a local Shrine of St. Philomena.  We started the day in the church with the Rosary.  It might be noted it took us a bit to find the tabernacle.  Poor Jesus was off in a room off the side of the Church.
 A relic of St. Philomena.
 The inside of church itself wasn't very pretty but there were some nice attributes.  These 2 stained glass windows for example.
 A replica of the Cruxifix that spoke to St. Francis of Assisi
 This is the little shrine of St. Philomena with Our Lady at the top overlooking all.
 St. John Vianney
 Pope St. Pius X

Both of these saints were devoted to St. Philomena.

 Statue of St. Philomena.  The shrine was made to be like a cell where she spent her last days while preserving her purity.

 On our walk down to the tiny little bookstore this vehicle caught my eye.  It's a shopping car...literally. Very tiny and cute!  Of course it might be noted that it isn't a shopping vehicle for someone with 12 children.
 We prayed the Litany to St. Philomena at the shrine.
 The statue is looking towards a stained glass window which represents the vision of Our Lady and Her Son.  This is why the statue faces sideways in the shrine.
 Eowyn touches some religious items to the relic which makes them 3rd class relics.
 St. Joseph and Our Lady were honored in the church.

 St. Philomena and Eowyn who chose St. Philomena as her Confirmation saint.
 Afterwards we went to one family's home to enjoy a picnic and outdoor games.

 Fr. Alex given a talk on St. Philomena to the children.

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