March 9, 2014

A Bit of My World

 Kool Kili
 I was leaving with a couple of the children when it was pointed out to me that we had a dragon egg.  A dragon egg!  I'm not sure the significance of the robe-belt so that the egg can dangle but I just don't know much about hatching dragons.
 When I got back, lo and behold, a dragon had hatched. Wooden dragon eggs hatch wooden dragons.
 I have a plethora of very beautiful choir music in our home and this is something that gets under my skin... when the music ends up on the floor and no one did it.  The tiny tea cup makes me think there was a tiny culprit. I'm sure this was all in the name of organization.... or... something.
 Sam is heading up the Popsicle Stick Bridge Competition this year.  So we've got some bridges in the making.

Pudgy cheeks, pudgy arms, pudgy.... everything else.  Kili is a master crawler, stands up but isn't interested in walking. That's ok!

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