March 9, 2014


 After a wonderful recommendation for a local Martial Arts studio we took a trial Karate lesson.  The first thing when you see the building it's a "No bully zone" and then inside the words "Respect, Self-Control, Self Discipline".  (and I might add, no eastern mysticism/spirituality)
 The children really enjoy it and so do I.... enjoy watching it.
 The oldest 8 are in training and the 4 littles play or do some school work in the outer room.  it's a nice set up
They all enjoy it so we'll see. We might have to put a "Beware of the Karate Kids" sign at the bottom of the driveway.


  1. Our children have been in Tae Kwon Do for the last sixteen years and one of the most appealing parts of the program is the set of "Children's Home Rules" which contain respect, cleanliness, organization among others and one of my favorites, "children will not interrupt adult conversations." Three of our oldest became black belts and we still have one working on it now. With boys especially it has been a wonderful outlet for all of that punching and kicking kind of stuff that they seem to love so dearly :)

  2. I'm certainly glad I'm not taking Karate so I don't have to follow those rules! :D
    I had no idea your children took Tae Kwon Do! I like the interruption one!