March 30, 2014

Just Stuff

Kili was not sure about the prickly grass on his toes but a ball can cure all that ails us.  

 Pippin wasn't thrilled with our breakfast one morning and said, "I'm going to war, I don't have time to eat breakfast."

 Half of this calf belongs to us.  I think I'd prefer the back half, since it's likely to be tastier.

 Very bad pictures of what at first we thought was a wolf in our field but upon a bit of a zoom we think it is probably just a coyote.

 I won this awesome juicer at one of my favorite blogs.  I had always wanted to try a juicer but just not something we'd spend the money on just trying out.

 I've made several rounds of juice so far and like it. Excuse the bottle of lime juice... I didn't have a lime... but you can juice juice and get juice.... I know! I'm ingenious!

 So far my favorite has been strawberry, lime and apple mix.  It's sort of like a strawberry margarita.

 We had a flop batch of cheese which ended up a fabulous cheese dip.  We've been making lots of cheese curds to perfect it to sell at the farmers' market but this one didn't quite work out.. the way it was suppose to but sometimes I guess that is alright! Everyone thought this tasted like velveeta (minus the extra salty taste).

 I also tried out the ice cream recipes at Randazzo Inc This one is the strawberry ice cream.  It was very good.

 We also tried out the St. Patrick's Day ice cream, I forgot to take a picture and it was eaten within about 30 seconds.  It actually uses juiced spinach but with the mint and maple syrup added to the frozen cream.. it's good!
Playing weeping angels version of "statues".

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  1. LOVE the bare feet--even though I'm not a barefoot person (-: Weather must be getting warmer??