May 26, 2014

Around Home

 Crowning Mary as Queen of our home
 Planting flowers in our own Mary garden...
 I know, ski goggles in May.  But hey, I found this great pair in new condition at St. Vincent's for $1.20.  Of course, I hadn't intended that they be used for gardening... but I guess they got their value out of them already.

 Chinese jump rope... double.  I don't think I explained this neat game that I loved to play for hours on end when I was in grade school.  They found what they thought were better ways to play, like tying each other up.
 So we found 4 of our cattle coming home... they were suppose to be down in the lower field but here they came.
 By the way they all acted I guess they were glad to see their old buddies.

 This is why I do not ask men to help decorate for various events. This was Aragorn's contribution to our flower planting.  This was suppose to be a toy apple that velcro'd shut but instead was modeling as a Venetian fly trap "Feed me Seymour, feed me."  Just in case you come over and wonder what this is all about...
 Keva plank "jail". That is Poppy inside what I think resembles a beehive.
 Baby Mozart-less. "Look Mom, no hands eyes.
He's so talented he can even play the spoons while playing the piano.  Trinity Acre's got talent... or something.


  1. The flowers look great! I really wanted to do flowers this year (we usually always have a little) but we only just started planting vegetable seeds this week, so very behind. I'm looking forward to seeing everything and everyone in person this weekend! :~)

  2. Don't expect much out of the flowers. It's all very discombobulated and lots of weeds and definitely not Martha Stewart... except for the card box but that's entirely a fluke!