May 18, 2014

Mother's Day

 We celebrated Mother's Day with a beautiful High Mass with procession, presentation of flowers in honor of Our Blessed Mother.
 Dandelions are always the best flowers. It really should be a part of the preparation for Holy Matrimony (Matrimony meaning privilege of Motherhood)... to include if a woman does not like dandelions, she should not get married :D  I love dandelions.

 Then there is Pippin who wished to remain facially anonymous.  He laboriously spent much time assembling a giant bunch of flowers and after the picture was taken, walked of joyously saying, "I'm going to give these to the horses."  I'm still laughing.

 Just a few pictures while we were out on a walk.
 Well... some were on a ride....

 More dandelions... the happy flowers.

 May flowers were up... I'm catching up on pictures here.

 The humming birds are getting more friendly.

 The days before Mother's Day we spent working on our gardens.

 The rhubarb is looking splendid... and tastes splendid.
 This year we are doing a whole 4x4 foot garden of basil.  We did have near freezing temperatures this past week (I know, near freezing in mid-May... no we don't live in the arctic.) so some of our basil froze a little but not ruined.
 We had lots of strawberry runners so we are starting a bigger strawberry patch that we'll just add to each year.
 Our oriole visitors.

 Before it gets too weedy, I thought I'd take a picture.
 Robin's egg!
 The Mary Garden is turning nice a lush and green... but I'm afraid it is mostly weeds.
 We seem to agree he has a bit of a popeye look to his arms.
 Planting in the big garden.  Let's just say, it is a long walk to each end.

 Pippin was in charge of adding the worm castings to the soil.
 Sam trying out the cream separator.  From the Ukraine, they are rather inexpensive things, of course one cannot read the directions... I should have taken more years of Ukrainian but my 1 year (no joke) wasn't very helpful...!  Then again when you have a Sam around one doesn't need to read directions of anything that has some kind of motor.
 Some wild aspergus!
 Yes, this was a sight I saw while getting ready to leave a store.  This boy was on a unicycle pushing his sister around in a shopping cart.
 And incredible sunset.
 Once again they are "prescribe burning" the marsh.
No pollution there or anything.

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