May 2, 2014

Babies, Bottles, Band, Blue Box

 Kili likes to drink his bottles rolling around on the floor. I kid you not.  Sometimes he'll fall asleep sometimes he'll just keep rolling.  I don't ask questions... then again, he couldn't answer anyway.
 I celebrated a birthday last week and found some lovely gifts with my name on them. A lovely hand drawn picture of St. Mary Magdalen, other drawing, cards and.... a blue box pencil box.  Bow ties and blue boxes are cool.
 My sister-in-law's sheep are having their lambies.  They are soooooo cute!

 Kili entertaining us with a peanut butter jar routine.  I'm glad he doesn't talk as I probably really don't want to know!
 The kittens are getting bigger.  Anyone want a kitten?
 Frodo had a band concert last night, prior to the big homeschooling group's play.
 Kili was playing the part of an angel in the audience.
 But really had evil designs to get a bad case of ants-in-his-pants.
 Marigold just wants to show you that she got her hand stamped, too.
 The band did a great job!
I wasn't sure whether the dark or the light was better since neither are very good.  So I posted both

Bummer.... I couldn't get the play picture to save correctly. *snap*

I only got to say a short bit of the play before 3 certain tots got rambunctious and we sat in the car the rest of the evening.  Welcome to my world! :D

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