May 27, 2014

The Smallest One of All

 Our (small) homeschooling group had our final gathering of the school year... with summer trips planned throughout the summer.  The recorder students entertained us with "Mary Had a Little Lamb"
 Bravo, Halflings!
 The oldest children performed "The Smallest One of All" a drama about St. Bernadette.
 Galadriel played the part of Louise Soubirous.
 Sister-Friends as Bernadette and Toinette Soubirous
 Eowyn played the part of Jeanne Abadie.
 Friend Prince Charming Bard played the part of Francois Soubirous.

 Frodo played the part of Louis Bouriette the nearly blind village miller.

 Friend Thranduil played the part of Father Peyramale the parish priest.

Another friend played the hidden part of the Blessed Mother

 Merry (not shown) and Pippin were in charge of the curtain, noises and lights.

 Samwise played the part of Jacomet, chief of police
 Someone forgot to change his shoes for the play... costume went from head to ankle.

 One of our very talented moms painted the Massabielle scenery on painters' canvas.

 A number of villagers.

 Here's a close up of the villagers.

 Splendid job! They really did a great job!
 Afterwards we had a delicious potluck supper.

 Our priest was the one who directed the play. We were all very grateful for this great year of Catechism and drama!

 Our porch was converted into a buffet station.

 The littlest ones.  Kili, Marigold and Friend Daisy.

 Needless to say the children all had a splendid time together.
 Mr. and Mrs. Wonderful Neighbor's blessed us with their presence.  Mr. Wonderful Neighbor is doing great post-stroke-post-surgery.  We are very grateful!

 Our homeschooling group has a wonderful camaraderie.

 We only had 1 semi-broken finger as the halflings tried playing games with the bigger boys.

It was a really splendid day.  Deo Gratias!

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  1. Wow! The play looks marvelous--such beautiful scenery, sets and costumes! They look professional and yet they are so much more beautiful knowing that they are not but that they come straight from the heart. Wish I could have been there! May God bless you all with a beautiful summer.