May 4, 2014

Mega Mom's Day Out

 I had the incredible blessing to meet up with 3 amazing moms.  On the left is a mother of 10, in the middle a mother of 9 and on the right a mother of 15-going-on-16.  With me rounding out the day with 12... we were mothers of a combined 46 children plus the 1 wee one of 11 weeks pre-born.  Totally mega-mom's day out.
 My morning started out with a google maps direction session with my husband who was sure I would get lost.  He reminded me not to look for the trees with leaves as there aren't any leaves. I understood that to mean that I was not to call if I didn't find trees with leaves.  Apparently he didn't trust my ability to get places. But I did find my way.

 First we spent 4-1/2 hours eating our lunch at Panera. I'm a "pick 2" fan of the sierra turkey, salad and of course... baguette.
 Then we went over to the absolutely gorgeous Holy Hill.
 There is an absolutely amazing outdoor Stations of the Cross which we didn't have the time to do because of said 4-1/2 hour lunch...!
 Infant of Prague
 Infant of Prague with mom of soon-to-be 16 children!
 This is a replica of Holy Hill.
 This is a replica of the original Holy Hill.
 St. Therese the Little Flower chapel.
 There is an amazing project in the works of putting in stained glass windows of the life of St. Therese of Lisieux.  They still have a few left to do. They are absolutely beautiful.
 The stations of the cross in the chapel were beautiful
 I do love stained glass windows.
 Here is one of St. Therese playing the part of St. Joan of Arc in a play.
 Our Lord in the tomb and the picture of the saint is escaping me St. Juan Diego.

 Entering into the Upper Church and Shrine.
 It was quite windy if you can't tell from the hair!
 3 beautiful moms of many!
 The Blessed Trinity with Mary and Joseph and the apostles.  Do you ever think how wonderful Heaven is going to be meeting all these great saints?
 Most beautiful stained glass. I do love beautiful stained glass... as much as I abhor ugly stained glass.
 A beautiful May tribute to Our Blessed Mother.  May is the month we honor Our Lady in a special way.
 St. Michael weighing the souls... don't want to mess with St. Michael, it's a good idea to stay on his good side!
 Crutches from people who have been healed.
 A rather grand organ!
 The 4 faces on this column cracked me up.... I'm sure they are of my children.
 A sample stained glass of St. Therese approaching the Holy Father about joining the convent at a young age.
 2 of us climbed the 178 stairs in the tower.
 Up... up... up we go.
 The final steps were spiral. It might be noted at this point that I have a fear of heights. I was feeling a bit ill by this point. When I got to the spiral I was not sure I could continue but when you see the top 10 feet above your head you just can't stand there foolish-like.  So I crawled my way up.  Pathetic.
 Almost there....
 It was so beautiful.
 It was at this opportune moment that the 6:00 pm bells began to ring.  When you are standing right across the from the bell tower when the bells ring, it is rather loud.... albeit is a splendid loud.

 Afterwards we went to a sushi restraunt.
 Calamari with spicy mayo.
 Sushi - I had the California and the Spicy Tuna.
 Mom of 16 had the lobster cigars.... with eel sauce...!
 Fresh wabasi vs the wabasi clay.  I tried neither not having a taste for ammonia.
This meal was on fire but didn't show well in the picture.  Soon after this the waitress said "If you are mothers I would like to wish you a Happy Mothers Day."  To which we mentioned that we have a combined 46 children with one on the way.  I will admit wishing I had taken a picture of her face when we mentioned that.  To which I believe she went into the kitchen to take some heart medication. *snicker*  I really do enjoy the reactions.

It was a wonderful day.


  1. What a beautiful holy friend filled break.

    I believe the saint is St. Juan Diego.


  2. Stephanie in GermanyMay 5, 2014 at 1:45:00 AM CDT

    Yes, Betty is right. St. Juan Diego.
    What a glorious day you had! I hope your homecoming was also joy filled. The food pics crack me up. Fr. Z. always has food pics too...

  3. Absolutely beautiful! What a witness you all are to the sanctity of life! Thank you! I'm so glad you have each other for support in today's world (and oh yes, I would have loved to have seen the waitress' expression) and that you had a day like this together. May God bless you all as you continue this most important apostolic work.