May 18, 2014

Happy Birthday Samwise and Kili

 Happy 18th Birthday Samwise!
We get the ugly cake of the year award.  We decided it was a waterfall cake. It was suppose to be a 3 layer cake but 2 layers broke apart when flipped out of the pan.
 But it's all about taste and it was mighty tasty.  He enjoyed lunch out at Hu Hot.
 Happy 1st Birthday Kili!

 Our cast party for the up-coming play was after the dress rehearsal which happened to be Kili's birthday.

 Who says homeschoolers are unsocial, non-social or just not sociable?

 So I had distracted Kili for a photo and then...
 ... he noticed the fire and started to scream and bend backwards like his pants were on fire.
 For some reason he does not like fire.  I think that is a good thing.
 I will admit while Kili was seeking much comfort the rest of us were getting a bit of a chuckle.

 Here some of the kids not socializing again. I wonder who comes up with the silly canned ideas people have about homeschoolers.  The myth that we all sit around in our pjs all day and never talk to human beings is humorous.  The fact we are a family of 12 and all our friends have any number of children, it's more like socialization auto-pilot.
 Morel mushrooms are out! We ate a small portion of these and then sold the rest at the farmer's market. We got $32 per pound!  We have the same joke every year for our morel mushroom dinners that it is our most expensive meal of the year.
 5 of the children had a piano/trump recital.
 Their teacher is a wonderful woman... also happens to be our wonderful neighbor.
 Eowyn played Barcarolle and Over the Wave
 Frodo played Ode to Joy and Pirates of the North Sea
 Galadriel played Fiesta Espania and House of the Rising Sun
 Eoywn and Galadriel played a duet, Long, Long Ago
 Eleanor played Shoo Fly and The Bear Went Over the Mountain
 Frodo played the trumpet in a duet with our potato-neighbor's daughter who played the clarinet. They played Lightly Row and Lullaby.

The picture of Frodo playing his trumpet alone didn't turn out but he also played Battle Hymn of the Republic.
 Rosie played The Tiresome Woodpecker and Air from Mozart
 Thank goodness for a double stroller to keep active 1 year olds quiet. I probably walked 10 miles during the recital which took place at a local nursing home.
 Probably not a good idea to turn out the lights.
 So you ask, why do you have a picture of a cookie jar?  Well, I couldn't help noticing that the nursing home had the same cookie jar I remember my Grandma M. having.  I always thought that was a walnut on top but now I wonder if it is a pastry or a walnut.  Grandma M. always had molasses cookies in the jar... or sugar cookies.
 The kittens are getting bigger.... and cuter.

 We sold cheese at the farmer's market so the lady who runs it wants some pictures for the farmers' market facebook page.

 I was really close to this humming bird.

 Time for the 2nd cow's milking.

Farmer boy does an awesome job milking. We always have many jugs of the stuff in our fridge, so much we had to get a 2nd fridge... which we needed anyway but it's a blessing to have it so full of good old fashioned milk.  Thanks Frodo!

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