June 6, 2008

A Beautiful Spot

After Mass on Sunday we nabbed Aragorn's brother and family and made a day (well afternoon) of it.

We brought a picnic lunch and got some distance in when we saw a sign that said no food allowed. So we had lunch next to our mega-van.

Take two- heading back in to the beautiful spot.


Looking down into the ravine. I'm terribly afraid of heights so this hike is a bit nauseating for me but I managed. It's so beautiful, it's worth the nausea!

Up at the top is a great little swimming hole.

Slide-able little waterfall.

Not sure who the "visitor" is in the picture! But being that we saw exactly 2 people other than ourselves up there, I'm not sure how I managed to get a picture of someone else!


Even Bilbo got his toes in, though I'm not sure he was so keen on the temperature of the water!

Pippin enjoying the little falls.

Tell me this isn't absolutely beautiful!

Aragorn, Sam and Pippin looking down where crazy teens and tweens *jump* off down into the pool waters below. *shudder*

Going home...

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