June 10, 2008

Our Unusual Nests

Birds can build their nests in some rather unusual places.........

This Robin built her nest unusually low. This is Rosie peeping in.

The Mother Robin ended up with 4 eggs in her nest.

Newly hatched

3 hatched, 1 to go.......

Hungry little robins.

Sam was spying on the robin's nest when he said suddenly they just started to take off. He followed this one. It doesn't take long for their wings to be in working order.

Unusually unusual.......

This Mother Robin built her incredible nest in the motor of one of our tractors.

4 more eggs

More hatchlings

Since the tractor was a bit away from the house we forgot to check until the nest was abandoned.

Fly Catcher nest

The fly catchers built their nest on the chimney for the boiler.

5 eggs this time.

Chipping Sparrow

There was some debate if this was a song sparrow or a chipping sparrow. This is the mother.

She build her wee teensy adorable little nest inside one of our hanging plants

She also laid 4 eggs but only 3 hatched.

They were so cute!

They took off and were so friendly. This is Frodo *of course* holding the wee birdie.

The bird just stood there as peaceful as ever, of course we peeped in at them from the time they were eggs so perhaps they were used to us?

The boys following the little birds.

Now if only we could find a humming bird nest! I'd just love to see one!

To go along with the study of birds I'd recommend Notebooking.com's nature and bird disk.
Also here is a link to an audio of bird sounds.
And here is a link to bird images.

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