June 1, 2008

Rosie's First Holy Communion Weekend

Rosie made her First Holy Communion on May 25th.
This picture was sent to me for Rosie by my dear artist friend in Italy, Cecilia of course!

Galadriel setting the head table.

The little table.

Party Favors

Just a basket of See's candies, some wild grape jelly and a holy card.
After the Traditional Latin Mass which Sam and Frodo served for Rosie was enrolled in the Brown Scapular.
Our priest also had a lovely Corpus Christi Procession with 3 outdoor altars and of course the indoor altar. With the complete Benediction at each altar. It was incredible. There were 7 altar boys in the Procession.

Rosie. My good friend made this dress when we discovered that the dress the other 2 girls wore was too snug!

Rosie and our most wonderful priest
Aragor's sister made this lovely cake. I have no skill with frosting so I'm glad she does!
Food: we ordered Sammies from Quiznos and made Broccoli Tortellini Salad, a regular 'ol Pasta Salad, Aunt Sue's Jello Salad (which I mostly added for my friend Lesa :) and I can't remember what else but I think everyone went away full enough.

The head table ate on China while everyone else ate on Chinette.
2 of my SILs brought some desserts (can't have too many of those!)
3 cousins eating at the wee table. They were so funny carrying on their jibberish conversations and giggling.
We were due for rain but as usual St. Therese the Little Flower pulled through for us and the day was absolutely beautiful.
However in the evening the sky and whole area turned this strange greenish color, this picture looks more orangish but imagine it being more greenish, like a chartreuse.
Someone discovered a rainbow (our second for the season!) If you look carefully you can see it's actually a double rainbow.

Storms were brewing, I loved the line of blue sky between the 2 storms!

Woops, pictures are a bit out of order here. This is my children minus Bilbo with Aunt Bridy.

Aunt Bridy and Eleanor

In preparation for guests Bilbo gets his first turn at mowing the lawn.

Saturday while I took the boys to server practice for the procession Aragorn and my father set up a 40 food windmill, our tallest yet...
Back to these said storms. I thought this was particularly beautiful. Soon after the wind howled and raged and it poured. The windmill sounded just like an airplane outside and suddenly POP! The top popped off just like a dandelion top. It was the strangest thing. Naturally, being who we are, we ran outside. Sure enough the storm took the top of the windmill clear off.
We found 2 of the 3 blades and still a week later have not located the 3rd one. I suppose Aragorn will find it when he cuts the hay and it'll mess up the tractor or something!
Sam put up a laddar to see if he could see the missing blade.

I am not sure I should call this grieving.... (and naturally I thought it was kind of funny, having the rather unusual sense of humor that I do!)
My parents and sister were in town so we went on a little outing on Monday (Memorial Day)
First we went on a ride on the ferry

Then we drove over to the Glen

It's just so pretty and serene here (even when a family of 11, 2 grandparents and an aunt show up)

Now this I thought was interesting. I have forgotten the history behind this carved cross but it was carved right into the rock.

I'm not exactly sure what this is actually suppose to be for
But the statue of the Holy Family is really lovely.
This must be St. Anthony ... I think...
The chapel
Now these stations of the cross in the chapel really struck me. Aren't they beautiful? I'd sure like a set of these.

A new statue at the Glen.
Aunt Bridy, Merry and Pippin

Where's Pippin?

Saying the Stations of the Cross on the outdoor Way of the Cross.
The old cemetary. Isn't the Crucifixion scene beautiful?
Grandpa reading to the children. He's got to be one of the best readers. Everyone particularly likes his reading of Amelia Bedelia... though this was Tintin.
Grandpa was also designated dishwasher... as long as I can remember my dad always did the dishes.

Good Night!

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  1. Beautiful! How lucky you are to have such a Priest and parish!