June 1, 2008

More Miscellaneous Stuff

Our May Trillium.

Trillium, I was told, is a symbol of the Blessed Trinity... hence Trinity Acres.

Laying hens

Alarm Clocks & Dinner-to-be

Even the pump had had enough, filling the big van... $100 *shudder*


Who can resist a rainbow?

Learning to play baseball


Talk about a fun day at school... the piano man came to tune the piano. Need I say that Sam was by his side the entire time... while he turned *both* pianos.

Pippin helping with the cloth diapers

Sorting... sorta.

Sam found a swarm of bees. They amazingly moved into one of our hives. It is debatable whether they were from one of our hives or if they had flown in.

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