December 31, 2009


I received a call today from a very dear friend of mine. She reminded me I haven't given any update on Galadriel in a while. Oh! That! Galadriel is steadily making great improvements.

Beating her brother at chess is one thing.

She is back to reading. She finished a book about St. Francis and St. Claire, though her observation was that it was no where near as good as the one we are reading as a family, The Perfect Joy of St. Francis. Here she is reading Tintin. She still has some double vision but that should continue to improve.
She had an appointment yesterday and the doctor was very pleased. There was talk about seeing an eye doctor about the vision. We think that needs a little more time as so many things are sorting itself out and she isn't always seeing double.
We had her put on amoxicillian (from the doctor of course) since we all got sick and we wanted her to avoid that. So far so good. She still has headaches but that is getting better gradually. When she can go 12 hours without a tylenol we rejoice, even if she was sleeping for much of that time. Then again she is not a complainer either (unless it perhaps would have to do with washing dishes but she's exempt from that for the time being :)
She continues to offer up her sufferings for various intentions.

Little Dolly Poppy is trying to get around (and for the sake of a very, very dear friend of mine, no, she isn't crawling yet :) but she's scootches a little.

I think she'd like more than anything to get around like those big kids around here.

We are rather biased around here and find her very delectable.

That was all alot of work so here she is zonked out in the Hoohobber. Yes, truly, that is what this baby rocker is called. I bought it for Bilbo when he was a baby, I think mostly because it had such a cute name. Hoohobber.

Yesterday, a man came to fix the van window that had been blown to pieces somehow. This is a great mystery since none of the children had been out that day since we discovered it right after the interrogation of the cps.

I wonder if he has ever had an audience for this performance before.
And our smashed car is going to be fixed and should be done in a couple weeks. A couple weeks in our territory without any 4wd? That should be interesting.
And since I seem to enjoy asking for prayers these days, spare a prayer for Aragorn as he tries to sort out a pathetic situation peacefully, with charity and in all fairness. God's Will be done.


  1. Thanks for the update, Julie... I've been wondering but knew you were a bit busy with everything going on... so I didn't want to bug you! Prayers are still ascending for your dear family.

  2. being back to her daily routines is one of the best medicines. enjoy any single moment with her!
    love, Cecilia