December 10, 2009


I spent most of the day with Galadriel today so that was wonderful, though it is hard to have a heart split between hospital and home. We started to sort out old family pictures (old, that is from 1999-2005 or so (!). Galadriel knew every single one and what year it was from. Occupational therapy including writing, reading and things like that. Physical Therapy came in and G. walked to the door! I was delighted to be there for this. Since she has no feeling, her brain can tell her leg what to do but she doesn't know where it is going unless she looks. This should heal on its own, but only time wll tell. She eats by herself now. We leave everything for her to do on her own best she can first before we help out. She's determined. She will need a splint on her right hand, since she no feeling her wrist tends to bend and hand stiffen up. The brain drain came out today so hopefully she will be moved to a regular room tomorrow.

The highlight of the day was Fr. MG visiting her and bringing her Holy Communion.

Thank you for all the continued prayers and support. A very heartfelt thank you.


  1. Peace Be with You,
    I am so glad you were able to spend so much time with your daughter today and that she is healing so well. Praise God!! We will continually pray for your daughter. My daughter just turned thirteen so my mama heart goes out to you. Our entire family will keep all of you in our prayers and pray for more miracles during Maria's recovery. God Bless, Kirsten

  2. Great news! Great update! Reading with great excitement and thanksgiving when you post each update. God bless. Cannot wait for her to go home w/you again. Peace to you all!

  3. Great job, Maria! You'll be home in no time :) Thanks for the updates, Julie- we're so happy to hear she is doing so well! See you all soon.

  4. We still pray for y'all every day!!!

  5. Way to go Maria! Recovery is hard work, isn't it? :)
    Lots of prayers still going out for you!

  6. Julie,
    I just heard about your daughter and her surgery. Please know that our family is adding our prayers and offerings for your precious daughter and your whole family.

  7. We're just loving watching her progress. Hooray for spunk! We're continuing to send love and prayers for you all. Blessings, Nissa

  8. Wow! I am astounded by her progress. It hasn't even been a full week since her surgery & look how much she is doing! Maria is amazing!

    Many prayers still coming!