December 11, 2009


Backing up to load some pictures of the past several days... (today's progress, below)
Poppy & Panda at Poppy's second home.... the Children's hospital.

Here are some pictures from the recent snowstorm
We woke up to a good 13 inches of snow and got a couple/few more inches before it stopped.

The wind created some rather deep drifts.

62+ inch drifts!

Tempertures dropped but it didn't hinder the children from jumping in the snow.
Pippin and Bilbo helping.... in their own way.

Our wonderful neighbor came and plowed us out. We are very blessed with our neighbors.

I loved the snow on the trees, it was so beautiful.
Pipping peaking out at the storm.
Eowyn wanted to take Greek, yes, Greek! She had to work through the Alphabet first through "Hey Andrew, Teach Me Some Greek." Her reward was the Rosetta Stone Greek. I always enjoyed languages as well. My first foreign language was Ukrainian that I learned for a couple years at the Byzantine Catholic School I went to as a child. Of course I've never gotten very far in any language.

We joined a group of 30 people across the USA with Activity bags. We each made 30 and sent them to the leader, she packed them and shipped them off, ours arrived somewhat recently.

Ever visit great site! They sent me this mug after making a small error
Meetings: None of us is as dumb as all of us.
Up to todays progress report...
When I arrived at the hospital today I asked Galadriel what was the matter, she seemed a little sad. She said the nurse was talking about her staying until Christmas or at least another week and she doesn't want to stay a week longer. :) Gotta love home-sweet-home.
Now for the absurd...
The craft lady came in today and asked if it was alright if Santa Claus came in for a visit. haha G. wasn't overly thrilled with that idea. But in he came with the Mrs., a 6-1/2 foot rudolph and a plump elf. This was so overwhelmingly funny. Yes, of course I got a picture, this will definitely "go down in history".
The oversized elf
The occupational therapist made a splint fit just for Galadriel's size. I kept thinking Sam would have thoroughly enjoyed watching this!

Poppy napping. She's been such a good baby. We are glad her disposition isn't like that of the first 4 weeks!!

G. got her hair washed and braided today as well...

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  1. LOVELY pictures! Loved all of them. Her hair is beautiful, and it's wonderful to see her reading/writing/working in bed! Thank you again for the detailed updates; it's so helpful to have faces to put with the names we are praying for....God bless!