December 27, 2009


Kissing the Face of God
God in His Infinite Wisdom came to earth as a baby, God who took on a human nature, here with us as a tiny, helpless baby, innocent and sweet.
December 26th - The Feast of St. Stephen - the first martyr by blood.

Also December 26th the Feast of St. Staefanie. I learned about this lovely saint from my Italien friend Cecilia. I couldn't find any information so I will use her words. (I really do feel cheated when I can't find these old historic gems of saints kept so deeply hidden!)

According to a pious old legend, there was also a woman, named Stefanie, at Bethlehem. She was prevented by the Angels to visit the Creche (in order to allow some rest to the Virgin Mary).But the day after Christmas, she succeeeded in her desire, pretending to be a mother herself. She wrapped a stone in swaddling clothes and said it was her infant baby.

I could see me doing that :)
Perhaps St. Stefanie was the one who brought the practical gifts ;)

December 27th - Feast of St. John the Evangelist - white martyr. I wonder in this picture, if he is thinking of the time he rested his head on the breast of Our Lord. I wonder if he was contemplating the moment when Our Lord gave him His mother, our Mother, from the Cross. I wonder if he was pondering the time he stood at the foot of the Cross with no one but the 3 women. I wonder if he was considering the race to the tomb with St. Peter after the women revealed the resurrection.

December 28th - The Feast of the Holy Innocents - the shedding of innocent blood - martyrdom of the innocent.
Just imagine as Jesus, Mary and Joseph were stealing away from Bethlehem to Egypt the wee baby martyrs were being slaughtered. I thought this was a striking picture as the baby martyrs were in a triumphal procession alongside the Holy Family

May God have mercy on the wee holy innocents of our time and have mercy on their mothers. May He heal their hearts and turn them to a greater love for Him through a life of penance and sacrifice.

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  1. You continue to be in our prayers as you bear a martyrs cross for our church, her teachings and for families. ...G