December 8, 2009

Type of Tumor

We received the results of the type of tumor Galadriel had.
Juvenile pilocytic astrocytomas (Grade 1 astrocytoma)
I didn't get it either but from what I briefly read it is the "best kind" to have. In my rather limited mind I was thinking .......brain surgery in a critical area of the brain is the "best kind"? but I guess what they mean is that the surgery is curative and so long as they got all the tumor out she should be on the mend but there may be lasting damage. Only time will tell.


  1. Praise the Lord that this is the "best kind" to have! And prayers that they did get it all and that she will heal completely.

  2. Praise God! He is so good! I am crying with joy!

  3. that really is good news, Julie! I know that you have all been through so much this past week, but we are continuing praying for a complete recovery for Maria. Just think, last week you were thinking that nothing could be done for her and praying for a peaceful death. There is much to hope for now, though the road to recovery is long.

  4. I am SO HAPPY to hear this!!! Prayers continuing that she continues her remarkable recovery. Please be careful in this storm today!

  5. We're so happy to hear the good news! Prayers for a full and speedy recovery are being lifted up for your sweet daughter from our family to yours.

    From Magnum Opus

  6. we are storming heaven for all of you. love mp,sean and kids

  7. It's funny how having the "best kind" of brain tumor is such a joyful thing, isn't it? We have been praying like crazy around here. You know how much we love her and all of you!!!

  8. How wonderful to get that news on Our Lady's feast day yesterday!! We are continuing to hold all of you in prayer! Even Xavy has been praying for Maria's "boo boo"! PLEASE let us know if there is anything we can do! In the meantime I plan to make up some food for your freezer and send it over.

  9. Julie and Tom,
    Wow!!What the Lord can do. I was looking through the posts and what a faithful example your family and Galadriel are to the rest of us especially through this trial.Please know we are praying for you, Galadriel and a the rest of your family. In Christ,
    Cousins, Kathryn & John Touchette and family

  10. Deo gratias!! I'll bet you never thought you'd have to worry about what was the "best" kind of brain tumor to have.
    I'm so thrilled for all of you that it wasn't cancer. :)

  11. My SIL had a brain tumor about 6-7 years ago. Since then, she met and married my brother and has two beautiful children.

    Just thought you'd want to hear some uplifting news. We pray for you guys every day!

  12. Wonderful news! The power of prayer for all to see! For translation of the tumor:
    Pilocytic - abn cells that look like fibers, but with well defined borders
    astrocytoma - present in the brain cells that look like stars - yes we have those! - which are called astrocytes
    Grade 1 - the least aggressive of all - meaning of course "the best kind"
    and as you have probably been told - there is no prevention for this type of tumor, as the cause is not known.

    Keep fighting for your rights regarding the morphine. You are the best judges or whether she needs it, not the doctor or nurse. Tell them that you are concerned about the recent studies (refer them to if they are not educated) that indicate that a metabolite of morphine which is actually a CNS irritant can enter the brain in increased amounts because of the inflammation evoked loss of the protective transporter protein PGP in the blood brain barrier. translation = morphine should not be given if not needed!

    We will keep praying for all of you!
    Nick & Kay

  13. Such good news!!! Continued prayers.


  14. Julie,

    We are so happy that it is indeed the best kind of tumor she could have. What tremendous progress she is making! We are praying for her complete recovery.

    The Miller Family

  15. Such great news, such wonderful progress. Yay, Maria! We're praying everyday for more of these positive reports and thank God for all He has done for you. Someone sent me a beautiful clip of Maria's surgeon... what a blessing to have a God-fearing man like this in charge of Maria's care!

    We love you and send lots of prayers,

  16. Julie, we are thrilled to be reading about Maria's progress every day! Thank you so much for keeping us so well-informed especially when you are so busy running back and forth and taking care of all the rest of your children.
    ps: I understand about the "best kind" thing as that is what we are hoping for in a couple wks with my next ultrasound (Dec. 28)... the "best kind" of cysts (isolated CPC's) in the baby's brain.

  17. That's the brain tumor one of my former studens had, when a child. Now she is 30 y.o., married and has a child.
    God is good, Julie.
    (but you know better than me:).