December 11, 2009

A New Look

Galadriel finally got to have her hair washed this evening, washed and braided. She looked like a whole new person. It took probably 1/2 hour just to get all the snarls out from a week in the same hair-do.
We brought over a lap desk so she could eat or work in her bed. Great investment. I had gotten them probably a week before she had gone in and found out about the tumor as we use them when we aren't studying at their desks. We got them from the Land of Nod but I heard you can get them at places like Michael's.
I hope and pray we can take G. home very soon. Can you believe where she has been and where she has gone and where she is now?
She had several friends visit today and that kept her spirits up as well.

And I couldn't resist taking this picture of Poppy-Pudge-Ball.


  1. Galadriel just looks beautiful!!!! What an amazing miracle you all have experienced. We are still praying and thanking God every day for the miracle and the blessings.

  2. What a difference a week makes! G looks lovely!!!
    Prayers going out that you're all home together for Christmas! :)

  3. She looks beautiful. Our prayers for her, and for your entire family will continue!

  4. Wow, she looks just absolutely wonderful! Praying that she improves enough to come home VERY soon!

  5. She looks gorgeous as ever! I get tears in my eyes when I think how sweet, brave, and uncomplaining she has been through all of this... what a wonderful example to all of us! Please tell her we are thinking/praying for her around-the-clock even though we're not able to physically be there! I dared to pray for a random intention w/the kiddos yesterday and Liesl got all upset because she said that she wanted to pray for Maria! (so we did that next!):)