December 13, 2009


My BIL sent this picture he took with his phone (taking pictures with phones still is not registering with me...!) This is a very realistic picture at this point of the game. You can see her right eye is functioning normally but the left now ha sa droop from the surgery (not complaing, just explaining!) She can open the eyelid about 1/2 way so this will take some kind of work. I believe it is corrective.


  1. Julie, She looks genuinely radiant in this photo. She must have been so happy to have cheerful visitors and must be feeling that oh so soon she will be back home. What a sweet blessing she is! Gaudete in Domino semper!

  2. lovely picture. I am amazed how much and how quickly she is improving. Still praying for you all, Cecilia

  3. What a lovely picture, Julie! She is so sweet and beautiful - so glad her smile is still there. What a strong girl she is - must have gotten some of that strength from her mother! Prayers still coming your way....
    Katie from Magnum Opus