January 24, 2010

Family Party

We went to a family party with all of Aragorn's family. No sooner we walked into the door Pippin had an accident with the shrimp cocktail sauce.... don't ask....

The tables were set beautifully.

Poppy and her cousin
All 30 grandbabies! This makes our children 1/3 of them :)
UPDATE- Make that 20 grandbabies, we are 1/2 of them!
Sure, I can count....

Poppy discovers she was not the only baby in the world.

It was a very hard lesson to learn.

Pop 'n Poppy

Are boys always first to the table?

Bilbo discovered the dessert table. Though he didn't quite get why salt and pepper aren't good on cookies.... til he tried it...

Siesta at the Fiesta


  1. Great pics, Julie! I love the photo of Poppy and the babies...LOL!

    Expect a call from me soon, I have been meaning and wanting to call you for weeks now. Hope all is well.

  2. Poppy crying because she discovered she is not the only baby in the world!!! LOLOLOL! you made my day. (Cecilia)

  3. Dear Julie,
    I love the pictures our 11 children make upover half of stephen's parents grand children as they have in total 19.
    Not that I mind at all.
    I ahve been continueing to prau for you and your family and the 'visit' you had and for Galadriels recovery.I pray all is going well?

    God Bless