January 11, 2010

A Little Gem

A local friend of mine asked if I knew of any place on-line that offers the TLM readings of the day. I had been wanting to find such a source as well so this gave me the opportunity to ask around. Being that I seem to know all the wealth-of-information people on the planet I was directed to a great site that I wanted to share.

Per Ipsum

Sorry to all my Spanish friends, it only comes in English and French :)
Select the language.
It will go to the Latin Mass readings of the day!
To top it off......... you can "subscribe" on the left hand side of the page and it will email you the readings of the day, you just fill in which days of the week you'd like.

I was tickled to death to find this little Gem. (Thanks Missy!)

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  1. This is a great web-site. Thanks for the tip!