January 1, 2010

Thank You

I have been wondering for quite some time now how one thanks 1/2 the praying world and so many local friends and family members for their outpouring of generosity towards my family and me during this time God chose to send us a small portion of His Cross.
This was as far as I got when a group of about 25 people from St. Therese's chapel came to our door to sing Christmas Hymns. It was the most touching thing. It took all in my power not to cry great big sobs. It was so beautiful. Sometimes God calls us to more than just accepting His Cross, He wants us to be entirely helpless. He wants us to accept other people's love and generosity without any way to give that back.
I learned in the last month that I never knew the value of bread when a local friend brought us a large box of bread the very first day all this began. I never knew the value of a meal. Just today at lunch we finished the very last meal since early December and we were just debating what to make for dinner tonight and a friend brought us a meal when she came to sing with the group.
We received several care packages from people who cared so deeply and who wanted, in some way to bring joy to us from so far away. We had visitors who came to bring cheer and joy, something that was hard to find for ourselves in the stress and intensity. Galadriel's little friends who came and brought her a smile.... many smiles. A good friend of mine who came many days in a row to help who kept up her laughter and smiles and just kept saying "Ya gotta eat!" She knows the value of good bread and butter :)
We had local friends who came to help clean our house after we had not been home for 2 weeks and let's just say, humility is intimately intertwined with humiliation! A friend of mine said to me "You know you are loved and needed but next time you want your house cleaned, don't go to such drastic measures." haha
And the numbers of prayers and Masses! I must thank our beautiful priests from the Society of Jesus Christ the Priest who were so close to us during this time. They suffered with us and did not abandon us for a minute. And for the Institute of Christ the King priests who shared their prayers for us and the FSSP priests who prayed and those at convents and monasteries all across the entire world who prayed and offered Masses. Of course, the fact that so many holy priests, men and women had to pray for us just to keep our faces uplifted to Almighty God says something about who the weak ones are in this world! And friends all over the globe who shared with friends. (and let's not forget the ladie's swimming group!)
I have asked myself on numerous occasions, "Why? Why do so many people care? About us? There is nothing special here and yet so very many people have cared so deeply." I believe it is simply that I know so many good people, truly good people and there are so many good people who answer "Yes" to God. They all.... you all... saw a need and needed no prompting to pour your hearts out for one needy little family who can in no way give back such an enormous gift.
No one can ever repay someone when they simply answer a call to his heart from God Above. The call to freely give for the love of giving, for the joy of giving and to give without any desire to be repaid. And that is just what so very many people did for us. So very, very, very many people.
As one of my very dearest friends said to me, "Doesn't it feel good to be the helpless little baby in the hands of Mary and Jesus!"
So with that I can do nothing more but remember you all in every Rosary we say, at every daily Mass, at every moment spent in visits with Our Lord. And thank you from the very depth of my heart in union with His Heart.
May God bless you abundantly during this new year.


  1. I pray that you and your beautiful family have a blessed 2010. Your daughter continues to be in my prayers.

  2. You have been prayed for at Our Lady of LaSalette Shrine in Attleboro, MA... and I don't even know where on the globe you ARE!

  3. Hasn't the internet been a blessing? Prayers continue...

  4. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we all thank God for the opportunity to serve him by doing the little things we could for you and your family.

  5. In Philippians chapter 1 verses 3-4, Paul says "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy..." By allowing us to pray for you, we are blessed every time. Allowing others to care for your needs when you are weak is another gift you give to the Body of Christ. Thank you.

  6. No thanks needed- it is such a blessing to see God work through all this. Continuing to pray for you all.