January 17, 2010


Galadriel is doing pretty well and making alot of progress since the Brain Surgery. Currently she goes to physical therapy once a week and then has to do her homework for the week. The purpose is to further strengthen her right side. It's a rather painful process and she isn't thrilled with it but for now it's yet another thing for her to endure. There have been many good accomplishments according to the physical therapist.
She is reading and doing a little writing. She is off the hook for long division for a while which I believe secretly thrills her. If you saw her on a street reading a book you'd never know there was a problem If she was looking straight at you, you'd know she had an issue with her left eyelid which still droops (effect from the surgery itself) however it seems to be able to open up a little more gradually. She has an appt. with an ophthalmologist at the end of January. She still sees double sometimes but it doesn't seem to keep her from reading which is a favorite pasttime.

Rosie cheeks can only mean teeth are coming.....
.... I'm so not excited.

The Three Stooges, Curly, Larry and Moe. I think Aragorn is secretly pleased but he won't admit it. I saw him grin during their antics.

Guess who graduated from cradle to crib. *Sniff*, she's hardly a baby any more.

Here is typical Eowyn. Always seen with a book in her hand.

I have had more than on comment that I can get a group picture with 10 children fairly well. However, I am incapable of capturing a 2 year old in a brand new toddler bed.

He was only a little excited.

I was caught a little off-guard and startled as I walked into my laundry room to find a goat in the garden.... eating my rose bushes. Naturally the first thing I thought of was "better get the camera"

I returned to find not two....

.... but three goats.

Sam gave Bilbo a bath and "did" his hair. Yes, this is Bilbo without his curls. Obviously this just proves we curl each and every lock by hand.... truly, you have no idea how many people ask if I "did" his hair.
As we are waiting for Poppy's first tooth, Eleanor lost her 2 top teeth within a few days of each other.
Congratulations to Eleanor for making her First Confession! I cannot imagine that listening to a First Confession could be anything other than humorous. I got the joy of practicing with her and I had a hard time keeping a straight face.... ok, so I didn't actually keep a straight face.


  1. so happy to read your life is settling in to a new normal. :)

  2. I've been praying for your family, and your dd.

    I just love the goat photos. I guess you know you live in the country when...........lol

  3. Heard about your daughters' brain surgery from a Yahoo group and have been praying for her and your family. Glad to hear she is doing well and I pray that she continues to improve. God bless you and your whole family.