January 9, 2010

Poppy and more Poppy

Galadriel continues to improve pretty amazingly well. Still lots of headaches, though hopefully it is more due to this cold than something that will be ever lasting. And still lots to work on. I think she is secretly glad she is given a break from long division.... Last night the van died. And today I got a very funny call from Aragorn that he needed a ride because 2 tires on the car blew. A ride. I really am all for going back to horse and buggy. The bright side is that we don't have a dishwasher so that can't break!

Aragorn got another deer. This big ol' buck is for the gyro factory.

This is his 2nd biggest deer. I guess that is suppose to be exciting.

I have heard many say that later babies have no baby pictures. Apparently not enough people have a 10th baby..................
This is the toofus doofus face. Usually preceeds the eruption of a baby tooth. Still no sign of one, but believe me, I'm in no rush.

Sometimes even a 9th baby can get in the picture.

Everyone enjoys watching a 10th baby.

Poppy did roll over exactly on her 4 month birthday. But I didn't have the camera at the time to capture that classic "What on earth just happened to me" expression.

After outgrowing the hoohobber we got an exersaucer thing. No, we aren't the type to keep them in one all day long but it does come in handy now and then. It is much harder for a 2, 3 and 5 year old to step on a baby in one of these contraptions.

Poppy did seem to enjoy this.

But apparently there is always a need to take a break from all the wild stuff and suck one's thumb for a time.


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  2. You know, Poppy taught our little Tatter how to suck her thumb, so now it sounds like we have to bring her back out for a day to learn how to roll over!

  3. LOL, we just bought the same one for our little one a few months back... although it's the jungle version. It IS stimulating, to say the LEAST. LOL She does like it, but only for probably 30 minutes or so. They seem to more play with all the parts standing up from the outside. :)

    Hopefully Galadriel will get rid of those headaches soon, we will pray!

    Oh, and thanks for posting the readings in Latin... I was hoping you would find a site!