November 25, 2011

Black Friday

 This is my idea of shopping on "Black Friday":  sitting on my couch with my feet up, nursing the baby, laptop on what is left of my lap and ordering on-line.  I'm a multi-tasker.  I have never gone out shopping on Black Friday and I'm rather proud of it (but I do like hearing about people who do!).  It takes me 3-1/2 to 4 hours every 2 weeks to do our grocery shopping round trip... that's enough (incidentally I discovered it only adds on about 15 minutes extra to shop every 2 weeks than every week... I'll take it!) ... plus... I don't like people  long lines.
 However in pursuit of boots last Tuesday, that weren't $40, for my littles, I stopped in at a certain "mart" to which everywhere there were shrink wrapped boxes labeled with precisely what time a particular mystery package could go on sale.  Methinks Black Friday has gotten way out of hand!
However, I did receive a call on said, Black Friday to ask if we needed pillows normally $15 on sale for $3....why yes, I think I do. (wondering at the same time if I can squeeze them into their St. Nicholas Day stockings...)  I recieved this instant picture via phone of a special someone pushing our cart of pillows. I believe this was a cart-load of time off purgatory.


  1. That's my kind of online shopping too. Say, I love the idea of shopping only every two weeks. How do you mamas who do that manage with fresh produce, though? For example, my lettuce goes bad within a half week. Or do you maybe focus on fresh produce the week of shopping but use frozen produce mainly in the second week?

  2. I will do frozen the 2nd week but when I want fresh produce I will go locally unless I am making a trip into Madison then I can stop. Some fresh stuff keeps longer like asperagus (which is the only one I can think of since it's been in the fridge 2 weeks and is still good :) Fruit is not good up here this time of year so I will use canned pears and applesauce. Just some quick ideas. Black Friday is rather Black here as I"m working on getting the little girls room cleaned up while they help haul wood :) Advent entails maintainging order! :)

  3. When I only had up to I think it was 4, I used to go only once a month. Our grocery bill now is phenomenal. But that's another topic for another time.

  4. I'm thinking that if I shopped only twice per month, I'd spend less money because I'd buy fewer spontaneous items. As it is, we get our dairy and eggs from a milk man weekly. And I go to Costco once per month. (I find I spend too much if I go to Costco twice per month.) I've been doing online shopping and picking it up at the regular grocery store once per week, but I'd like to try going twice per month.