November 22, 2011

Happy Feast of St. Cecilia - Nov 22

Since I both sing in a choir and co-direct a children's choir, I cannot help but have a devotion to St. Cecilia. Then again, she is also a martyr and I do love the stories of the martyrs.

I also have been to the Catacomb of St. Callixtus in Rome where St. Cecilia was buried (her remains were transferred at one time but the memorial still remains).   It was one of my absolute favorite places I have ever been to. The Catacombs are such a holy place, you could just feel it all around you.  It amazed me that buried in the walls were the relics of saints!  Real people who died for the love of God.  These Catacombs were very intricate hiding places for the early Christians during the persecutions.  They had symbols for Christians to worm their way around inside, but those lacking Faith would get lost and sometimes perish in the attempt. I remember during our tour they carefully had areas roped off so that tourists wouldn't get lost.

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