November 6, 2011

Testing, Testing

 Since my children did *something* to my last camera was got our gazillionth digital camera.  We opted not to count exactly or we may have been depressed... gazillion felt better.  This one is tiny, so tiny I can't get hold of it.  But I like that I can probably get a little case for it and it might be better protected from the barbarians.  I like I can stick it in my pocket.  I will admit... I'm a picture-holic and always have been. 

 Let's try auto correct.  Yuck.
 Blurry again.
 Auto-correct blurry.

 Marigold helped un-center this one on the blog.  She's got talent.

 These two pictures of Poppy are so typical Poppy-ish-ness.
 Marigold's new face.  I fear her fate is doomed to "America's got talent."
 A HUGE Thank You to our wonderful neighbors for this adorable sweater and booties!  I squeeled.  And you know what, Marigold is a sweater kind of baby. 
 And it fit perfectly! Thank you again!  Is anything more beautiful than a gift of love?

I know, I know, she's still got that *thing* in her mouth. It's my Baby # 11 humiliation. But it could be worse, right?  We can't find the high chair, yes, you read that correctly... we can't find the high chair, (how do you misplace a high chair?)  and the children brought this one up.  I couldn't for the life of me figure out where this came from.  I guess I have so many generous friends I overlook things now and then.  So now she can sit at the table and not grab everyone's stuff.  She has not started solids... except those that Claire has given her, like paper and crayons..... 

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  1. I love your baby #11 "humiliation." I think that's hilarious! She's so precious and beautiful and chubby!