November 13, 2011

Duty Cards

#1 Question this week had to do with what the duty cards looked like on my duty chart (see previous post down a couple).  And I have time to answer now that it is 2:15am and all are sleeping like babies... except the baby.  They look like this:

Dining Room
Clear Food & Dishes
Clear Hutch
Wipe Table twice
Sweep Floor
With a little box-border around it. Simple. Basically step by step what they are suppose to actually do. Mine like to skip to the last step, kinda sorta sweep the floor and call it done and say, "I did my job".  Go ahead and say it, "What is this chore charts for dummies?!"  Um... yes.  In the real world, that's what I'd call it.  In my dream world, I'd have cherubs floating around around me with golden halos presenting me with gifts of fine chocolate (the kind that makes you less matronly) and have a nice picture on the wall.  In the meantime....

Now my question follows a brief introduction.... Mine would rather take 45 minutes trying to get out of a job than 15 minutes just doing the job.  Is this universal?

And before you ask, "So, is your house spotless?" I'll just tell you, "By desire" (which is a nice way of saying "nope").  I just ain't Martha Stewart.... except by desire.  However, if you were one of the penitential lucky ones here post-brain surgery you'd see a very different place.

So, what were you doing at 2:15am? 
Let me guess, you were sleeping like a baby.


  1. I just love your sense of humor. I think i was way more frazzled and much less funny and I had only one child. But now that he is out of college and living on his own (because he got a job three and a half hours from where we live), my sense of humor has returned.

    Not really, but yes, it doesn't matter how many children you have, they all try to get out of doing chores. And even if it means wasting 45 minutes trying to get out of a 15 minute job!

    FYI - at 2:15 I was awake. Just not on my computer. And if I had known, we could have chatted on line!!!!

    Thanks so much for a glimpse into your life. Even though we were only blessed with one child, I love reading about those families blessed with many more.

  2. 4 things help me maintain my sense of humor....
    1. Good friends to laugh with. A friend can always find the funny side to even the most stressful situations
    2. Blogging where I can see the funny side.
    3. Letting go of my ideals and just take life as it comes.
    4. And most importantly, keeping my eyes focused on God. When I remember to do that nothing else matters.
    Now... don't get the idea that I ever stick to these things... but that's what confession is for. Fail, get up,leave it on the shoulders of a priest. How handy!

  3. Okay, Julie . . . now please do a blog about what chores are age-appropriate for what ages. And how does one ease into this system? My kids are three yesterday, five in a few weeks, and the baby just can't do any chores. :) I vascillate between assigning too many chores and not giving them any. Please help.

  4. And what about the different colours of your chore cards - and how many chores each child is assigned? Would appreciate an answer :-)