November 21, 2011

Jump Roping

The children have gotten into jump roping. I used to be into jump roping. In 3rd grade I won 1st place for doing 110 jumps in a minute.... ok, so the world record is something like 200 in 30 seconds which shattered all my childhood dreams. But I'm just going to pretend I didn't read that today.  I won a lovely medal and although I no longer have it, I won something and I'm still proud of it.

I started getting the itch to jump rope again. I felt as if I jumped for hours today .... realistically it was about 3 minutes.  My body was telling me it was about 3 hours.... at least.  I flopped on the couch and asked my ever-loving-husband....
"Am I too old to jump rope?"
I never knew men giggled, but he did.  I think he was being polite and not giving me the full-belly-laugh that he really had pent up inside.
I believe answering a woman's question about "age", is about like answering a woman's question about "weight" or "does this look good on me".... he decided it was best to proceed with caution.  So instead of answering my question, he googles "who is the oldest jump roper".

My next question for the peanut gallery is, "Should I be insulted?"


  1. I think if I started jumping rope, an ambulance should be on premises.

  2. LOL! I learned this the hard, embarrassing way. At our traditional parish I saw some teenage girls jumping rope, and youngin' that I was (mid 20's) I tried it myself... and I felt like a BRICK jumping... real pitiful. What happened to all my spring? I thought. So I picked up my skirts, and humbly, with a red face, walked away, and decided to stay away from all types of playground activities for the rest of my life. LOL At least you figured it out with just your family... I had to do it in front of my parish! LOL