November 20, 2011

Excitement Galore

Hunter's Excitement

 My bologna has a first name it's Oscar
My bologna has a second name it's Mayer....
I'm dating myself by including a link to this youtube....
 For funsies... and grossness-ies.... I prepared the "family's traditonal hunters' lunch".  I kid you not, when I say that I had my eyes opened the first year we were married and my husband went hunting.  Or perhaps it was the second year when I got to make the lunch. There were very specific guidelines.  For example it had to be baloney (bologna) with "fake cheese" and miracle whip. This was before the days of the squeeze bottle (I remember when that was invented it was the year after I prepared my first hunter's lunch), and we would fill a ziploc up with miracle whip so they could squeeze it out on the sandwich.  I think the squeeze bottle was invented by the wife of a hunter.    Then there were plain potato chips.  Why?  Because then you could see if you got anything on them.  Go ahead and laugh (or get sick). That is what I was told. Truly.  I always liked to think I was a "country girl" even if I was born in St. Paul but I learned at this point that I might as well have been raised in New York City for all I really knew about country living.  Then of course there was the life time supply of Mountain Dew. 
 Aragorn got his first deer on opening day... that is the real opening day, not the early season which I have heard doesn't really count for some hunters.
 Pippin:  Why how nice to meet you! How have you been?
Dear Deer:  I've seen better days.
Once again the innerds of this deer were donated to people who like to eat odd strange gross unique body parts things. :D

Driveway Excitement
 Have you ever tried to homeschool and compete with a dumptruck (or 6) full of rocks?!  I dare you to try it.... Double Dare!
 Class dismissed.

 This black rock stuff is just ground up old road.  Truly.  It's what people like us use to represent black top. It is black top... old black top but it isn't black top. But it's excitement for us.
 Not to mention the kids loved running through it.  Yes, yes, I know our wood shed needs some tidying. 

 Running on blacktop can be very exhausting work.

Bowling Excitement

 Our small homeschooling group (vs our large homeschooling group) went on a bowling trip.  The children bowled while the mom's got their monthy therapy session.  That's Marigold with a friend of mine.  I call the face Marigold is making the toofus doofus face.  The face that usually preceeds teeth.... you know... razor sharp teeth.  I actually caught her sharpening her teeth on a plate at the dinner table. I think her purpose was to go from razor sharp teeth to diamond cutters.

 Glow in the dark bowling.
 Love the cool shoes. Do you know, they have actually had troubles with people stealing the shoes?  Can you imagine?  Yes, what I've always wanted, a pair of shoes that perhaps an Ooompa Loompa might wear.
 This was hilarious. Please note that Marigold seemed to summarize this baby with a wordless, "ACK! She's the same size as Poppy, someone.... help!" 

Baby Excitement (1)

 Our newest nephew!  I love this picture with the doll and teddy bear!  Precious!
 2 of his 4 siblings doting on their new baby brother.  I cannot wait to meet adorable Baby B on Thanksgiving!

Baby Excitement (2)

 My friend's miracle baby arrived safe and sound, perfectly pink and beautiful. Deo Gratias!  I was holding him at his 12 hour birthday.  Sadly I made him cry. I think he was saying, "I've heard that voice before.... I don't think it is a good thing!!"
 Big brother comes to the rescue.  Happy,  Proud, Delighted, Thrilled... with baby brother would be one way to put it!
Little Big Brother enjoying a precious moment with Baby and Dad. 

It is so beautiful to know so many families who are open to life and happy to enjoy the beautiful gift of LIFE.  I think the problem in the world today is that there are not enough babies to liven up and bless a family.  What makes us laugh are the antics of a baby!  They are so cute and so funny!

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  1. No way would I try to compete homeschooling with delivery of rocks. Ooooo. We had roofers here for a whole week and, I can tell you, there was no point to doing school (albeit, mine are very little :).