February 21, 2013

From Our Lady

I have been reading from The Mystical City of God for Lent and wanted to share a quote that I think we really need to imbibe or there will be many souls that won't be making it into the Eternal Reward of Heaven.

For in view of the patience and meekness of my Most Holy Son and my own example, the wicked and all mortals shall be covered with unutterable confusion because they have not pardoned each other with fraternal charity.  The sins of hate and vengeance shall be punished with greater severity than other sins on the judgement day; and in this life these vices will soonest drive away the infinite mercy of God and cause eternal punishment of men, unless they amend in sorrow.
~ Instruction of Our Blessed Mother to Mary Agreda
The Mystical City of God

Let us pray this Lent to be filled with the Divine Love of God, that we may see others as God does, that we may do unto others... so that we do unto Christ, for how we treat others is truly how we treat Christ.  If we were to seek our joy in the thorns we are so often crowned with, we would find true joy and true happiness in this world.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this reminder...This is one I sorely need. I am seriously trying to work on Amiability...this virtue would do so much good in the word, and it needs to start in the home and spread. Pax Christi!