February 8, 2013

Thank You Lady M

I just wanted to put out a great big huge thank you to my dear friend Lady M.  She designed my banner above and I really think it is the the most charming one I've ever seen.  But I wanted to be sure everyone knew that I am not capable of such things, that it is her amazing capability in web-design.  I don't even know what the RSS gizmo to the right is about but she did tell me that there are 58 mysterious people who have my blog on a google feed.  I don't know what that is either for that matter except by way of some vague notion. I'm a good old fashioned "favorites" person.

Anyway, Lady M also does web design HERE....(see also the ad to the right)  and of course there is her LOVELY modest dress shop that "The Seamstress" (another mutual friend) sews for HERE (see ad to the right).  I was unbelievably blessed, with great surprise, when I won a free dress from JMJ Modest Dress Shop! It's in the works as I type (well.... maybe not quite this early in the day) for Eleanor's Confirmation!

Please offer a little prayer... on my behalf :)... for Lady M... if you please!! She's one of the most amazing mothers I've ever met. Proof is in the lovely pudding... her children.


  1. I had to look behind me to see who you were talking about. :-P

    Thank you Julie!

  2. Julie's "new" blog is indeed lovely, Lady M! You do beautiful work... in many, many areas :)