February 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Eleanor

 Happy 10th Birthday Eleanor!  (Now, I don't know how she got to be TEN!)
 Since there were funeral arrangements for the family to make at the funeral home today, Eleanor ended up with some of the cousins over for the afternoon.  Birthday parties are rare here.  Just not something I want to do every month of the year minus October and November!!  So this year she got the royal treatment with Pizzas and Cake and Cousins.  Cake was celebrated also with Grandma and some of the Aunts and Uncles as well :)
 They spent a good portion of the afternoon sledding and snowmobiling in the snow.

 The end of the day was in building a rocket...
 which actually turned out to be a ... something ... for measuring the weight that a popsicle bridge can hold.... or something.  (it is obvious that we've got 2 very different gene pools going on in this house?)

Other pics on the camera....
 Turkeys in the back yard.
 Marigold was walking around with this bit of board shooting... orcs... I suppose!

 I came home from somewhere-or-other last week to find the yard a-clutter with various animals... frozen animals... not edible frozen animals.  But I thought they were awfully cute.

 Ice cubes are.....
 We did slightly celebrate Valentine's Day. Frodo made me a pumpkin bread heart.  Well, what he actually said was, "I made this heart for myself but then I thought of you." How sweet to be right up there with what one thinks of himself :)  We also had heart-shaped pasta with dinner and Aragorn brought home *the* most yummy, non-lenten pastries I've ever had.  Since he bought them at the PDQ bakery (that's our idea of romance) I thought it might be a good idea to fill up the car and get some more!!
It might be noted that we think that Bilbo has a strong resemblance to his grandpa when he was a boy. It will be interesting to see what grandpa's siblings say when they see him on Thursday.

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