September 28, 2014

Goings On and On and On

  Stinky Kitchen posted a really delicious recipe for spinach, onions and peppers eggs.  Not so much because I needed a recipe for this but I hadn't thought to add spinach and sautee it first. Most people say ugh to spinach but it is actually very good sauteed with peppers and onions.  Just this morning when the plain ol' boring eggs without a stitch of anything were made I sauteed up some of these and just added them in.  Delicious and full of nutrients.
 Aragorn had wanted some italian sausage in his.
 My first following of the recipe looked ugly but still tasted delicious.
 It's that time of year to clear off the fields for winter.  This year we will plant rye for a nice spring harvest. No time lost or nutrition wasted.  Perhaps we'll even try grinding rye for bread.

 Just a lovely little local road-side chapel.
 Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was in memorial of... maybe someone local remembers.
 Trying to get the house re-sealed-painted-stained.  Frodo has no height-qualms.  He did not get that from me. Believe me.
 Just taking the picture gave me the willies.  This week I learned of 2 people asking for money. So if you feel so inclined, a large local family with many little ones are looking for money towards winterizing their house HERE and Fr. Z had some donation requests HERE.
 Girlies and kitties
 Kili was not very happy when the sides of the pool were coming down, he was trying to push them back up.
 Of course, it was perhaps silly to take it down as fall has been just about the same as it was all summer! Today is suppose to be 80 as it was yesterday. But nights are cooler and shortly we know it will simply be cold.
 Who wants to take a pool down when it is cold?!

 Eating with a fork is tedious work.
 With the little wingie-dingie curls sticking out, all he needs is a little propeller on top of his head....
 Please note that no child... or parent... was hurt in this display of Karate moves.


 Just playing at the church playground while the school-age children were at drama.  The first play this year is St. George and the Dragon.  Frodo is St. George, Galdariel is Princess Saba and a doctor, Eowyn is Mother Christmas, Rosie is the King and a turkish knight (can you tell we are short on males?), Eleanor is the Queen, Merry is the Egyptian Knight, Pippin and Bilbo are Mummers.

 Once again we were blessed to attend a Shakespeare Play at the American Players Theater with our homeschooling group.
 This week we saw an outstanding production of Much Ado about Nothing. It was fantastic.
 This week some of us will see Romeo and Juliet.

Photo day at Holy Family Homeschoolers.


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