September 7, 2014

Just Hanging Around

 A contemplative sleeping moment.
 Always living on the edge.

 Kili has only fallen in two times and this was not one of the times.
 He changed his mind to boldness in getting into the pool and opted for some good ol' milk instead.  I know, "gotta" get rid of the bottles. I loathe bottles, but life presents itself as it does....
 Marigold just pointing out that she is the queen of the crushed-black-top mountain... I guess.
 I think the 2nd story to quarter barn is actually turning into a club house.
 Adding on a greenhouse to the end of the quarter barn.
 One summer project included sorting and organizing a plethora of choir music for both choirs... or a throne for Kili, however you want to look at it.
 Cashing in scoopie tokens.
 Afternoon at a local lake.

 Frodo's cat had another batch of kittens.
 Creating tidal waves in the pool.

Lots of cranes in the area this year and I'm thoroughly enjoying them. They are such grand creatures.

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