September 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Poppy

Happy 5th Birthday Poppy!
Our cake decorating skills have not vastly improved, none of us have yet to be capable of frosting, and since we were missing ingredients for the requested cheese cake, Costco provided a very highly sugar-laden (sorry Deborah) cake (it might be noted here and now that I don't like frosting). It might be noted that these cakes are so huge that even with large pieces we only can eat 1/2 of one of these. 

Poppy requested pepperoni pizza. And for dinner out, she has requested... hello? McDonald's?! We NEVER go to McDonald's (parts is parts) so I'm not sure where she got that other than that everyone knows what a big yellow alluring "M" is. Needless to say she won't be going there.  Since Eowyn's birthday is just a few days after Poppy's they will combine (bringing Galadriel as well as E&G don't go to their dinners without each other... that would be weird).  I believe they want to go to "Journey" which is an all you can eat sushi and seafood bar (chicken is also seafood in case you were wondering).  I really think it should be "seefood" as there is everything... the little round sugar coated (sorry Deborah) donuts are the best.  

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