September 7, 2014

Various Projects

Picking, shucking, cutting, mixing, packing, freezing corn.
These little piggies will go to market (or rather the butcher) probably sometime in December.
Frodo found a large turtle in our barn.  He found an even larger one down by the pig pen.  I'll have to find his picture of that one. The thing was huge.
In case you wanted to know what the underside of a turtle looked like. Mine are fascinated by the dinosaur tail.
Sam picked a plethora of tomatoes as our great neighbor's house.  Then it was wash, grind, boil down ever lasting.

This year we boiled it down further so that when we make pizza sauce we can just take a jar and add the spices.  One batch got burnt (bummer) but the rest looks great. Bilbo and Poppy just drank it as soup.
First pouring of cement in the barn.

Feeling a bit like the ancient jews in their brick slop.

Our large homeschooling group now scuttles some 130 children through on Friday afternoons so a little more order was in line for this year.  We begin with the Angelus and then have a variety of enrichment activities which include, British Literature (Merchant of Venice this semester), Apologetics, Schola, Science, Art, Gym and Drama.    It's a great group of children.

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