September 7, 2014


 We had the privilege to attend a Solemn High Mass for the diocesan seminarians.  I don't know but that was really a splendid experience.

 Merry served a Low Mass for the first time.  He did  a great job!

We also attended the Bishop's Pontifical High Mass for Assumption.  Sam served as book bearer and Frodo as a torch bearer.  I think in this time of social media-everything that there is precious little that is any longer awe-inspiring as everything and everybody is just common.  But to be at a Mass with a Bishop who is in direct lineage with the Apostles is something we need to remind ourselves of.... rather than every fault and failing that flies around from person to person, whether true or false, with a mere push of a button.  When I think of a bishop I always think of St. Athanasius.  So whether a bishop is a St. Athanasius or not... he is still a BISHOP. We are very blessed with our bishop, deo gratias!

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