September 14, 2014

Random Picture Thoughts

 Just hangin' around waiting for the legs to grow longer.

 My freckle-faced punk.
 "Caution vehicle driven by blind man."
 Too short.... again.
 Hey, ma, I've got work to do!
 Our choir celebrated the birthday of Our Lady after choir practice.
 One of our splendid tenors!
 After classes I came down to discover the mess creativity of the tots.
 They were very pleased with their work.
 Our newest member of our zoo is Chi-chi the chincilla.

He came with a lovely hutch. I'm thrilled as it has been many years since we've had chinchillas.


  1. Awwww, you have a chinchilla now?!! You HAVE to let me hold him, please!!!? I almost got one a few years back but we don't have room. I literally use ever sq. ft. here. It was a good thing that my hedgehog died because we have two desks in the dining room now . Our school room is too small for everyone but I am still very grateful that we have one! Okay, we have to start school here. Have a good day and maybe I will see you tomorrow.

  2. Love, LOVE your pictures! Thanks for sharing! That little guy's legs will grow soon enough (-: and you gotta love that "creativity" !!!