November 2, 2014

Apple Orchard with Our Godson and His Family

 We haven't seen our Godson since he was baptized 7+ years ago.  Their family moved away shortly after he was born but they were up a few hours from here so we planned a little meeting at this apple orchard.  When we arrived I knew we must be at the right place for a special meeting when it says "Jesus is Lord" on their sign.
 The orchard was absolutely beautiful.

 They had these neat little signs along the way that said "Faith", "Family" and other niceties.

 Our first glance at this absolutely beautiful family.  They are going to have their 10th, their oldest is 12. They are the sweetest most smiley, enjoyable children.

 I only had 4 of my children with me so I felt like I had nobody to keep an eye on! It's funny to think most people think 4 children is a large family, it felt like I had no one with me!

 Here's our little group picture.
 And here is the lovely little family again.  (haha little family)
 This was a posed picture as I totally forgot to take pictures while we were picking. The children were kind enough to humor me! :D
 Pippin giving our Godson a lift.
 We ended up taking home 8 bags (a peck each) of apples... well we took home 6 as we gave 2 bags to friends.

 Oh we had a lovely time!  It was really great to visit. Our Godson acted as if we had never been parted a day.
 On our way home we stopped by Stinky Kitchen for a most delightful visit.
After a day of sheer enjoyment we ended with a lovely event where 2 of the lugnuts/bolts were completely sheered off the driver-side wheel and 3 were so loose I could move them with my finger. Thanks to the great staff at Farm and Fleet, we were on the road again, guess we were pretty close to a bad accident.  A good reminder why we always say a little prayer when we get behind the wheel.

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