November 2, 2014

Miscellaneous Life Times

 Kili getting ready for his first haircut.

 Lookie at all that soft baby hair!  Wah!
 I'm one of the big kids now!
 Kili finishing off the bottle of.... yes, I know, I know, high fructose corn syrup laden Baby Rays BBQ sauce. I didn't know, really, I didn't. I'm disappointed. That's ok, we make it homemade and it's much better.

 Working on another weird project.
 I wanna go up there, too!
 New play structure at the parish where we hold our homeschooling group.

 Frodo's lean-to is comin' along.
 First paychecks, they are so excited they don't want to show their faces... or something like that.

 Homemade applesauce!  

 We decided to try our hand at a pressure cooker and it worked great. The applesauce was a lovely dark pink. The top ones just went into the fridge to eat the bottom were pressurized.  We made 10 quarts, which should last about a week. haha
 We've been in the midst of a Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movie marathon as the Hobbit 2 extended edition is coming out on Tuesday, voting day. Kili took advantage of this to enjoy some yogurt all by himself.
 Candy day at Karate, how well can you balance?

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