November 2, 2014

The Gruesome and Horrific

If you are faint of heart skip this post.
 For those who didn't hear it in the news, someone, in broad daylight, came into our pig shed, which is at the other end of our property and shot hog-wild at our pigs (no pun intended...)  This poor little fellow was dead....
 This little piggie had a hole the size of a dodgeball in his hind end.  No kidding.  Yes. At our place. No joke.  The police came and apparently it's pretty serious when someone shoots animals and leaves them, it's called "cruelty to animals".  It was a very sad sight, horrific.  But piggies tend to be social animals who come and meet and greet, this day they were sullen.
 Since the dead one was still warm and the other we had to do-in ourselves, it was insta-butchering.
 This little guy looked like he had been whipped, but in reality it might have been the other pigs. I guess only the slayer knows for sure.

In case you wondered what the insides looked like.  So the weird and bizarre does happen in our neck of the woods, too.  It would be nice of the person would come forward as it offers a moment of forgiveness but no one has come forward yet.

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