November 2, 2014

Corn Maze

 We went on a field trip to our local favorite corn maze.
 Kili absolutely loved the corn pit.  It was about this point a whole slew of school children showed up so I started to chat with a couple of their teachers. I asked where they were from and then they did likewise to which I explained this was our homeschooling group. The one lady said to me, "I was thinking of homeschooling but was worried about the socialization."  I went simple and didn't say what I wanted to say about misconstrued ideas of what socialization.  And explained the ample opportunities there are to engage in socialization outside the home. "What about sports?" I know lots of homeschooled children who are in sports.

 However, the problem with the big "socialization" idea is the basis.  The basis is the worldly view of socialization as peer-based-age-segregated socialization.  That is a very faulty premises for a true social life. Where in one's life besides grades pre-k through 12 through college will anyone ever find age segregated life?  Really?  I've lots more to say on this but that isn't a topic for right now and maybe will never be a topic here.

 This was one of those upside down accidental pictures that come from holding one's phone at just the right angle and inadvertently clicking the screen but I thought it was kinda pretty in its own way so here it is.

 Our priest was able to make it and it happened to be the day before his birthday so.....

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