November 23, 2014

Very Urgent Prayers

Please pray for my friend's husband Marvin, who is in very serious condition and following surgery will be in ICU. 

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  1. Someone posted a comment to pray for "victims" with in the Catholic Church. Since children read this blog I am refraining from posting the fine details. It is very true these "victims" need prayers, so by all means, do pray for them. But I also want to mention that it is an abomination, by all means, but the Catholic Church does have a smaller percentage of such "victims" than other religious sects, just the Catholic Church gets the rap because there is nothing more that the evil one would like to do than to destroy the Church from within. It is abominable the poor example some feel they need to practice. To the person who sent the comment, I am sorry for the hurt you feel by way of sad memories. I hope you will be able to forgive and practice a heroic level of charity towards the sinners.